Shadows of Vesperton

July 7, 2009

After following the unconscious woman’s tracks back to the north for some time, the party’s path crossed with a warforged named Sentinel, who recognized Grumpf and Ming Mah from traveling with them previously. He explained to the rest of the party that the woman they had was Lady Flora Lavesk, and he was her retainer. The group set up camp, and during the evening, Sentinel went on to explain the rest of the mission that Grumpf and Ming Mah had been on.

The two originated, as they had said, from a town called Regenesis, which was the first settlement in a new nation called Glissia. Glissia was made up of disenfranchised Kenasians seeking a better life. The nation had been expanding, and one of the places that had been built was Fort Fremont, located near the mountains and the mine of Daruddelve. Fort Fremont was where new Glissian coins were minted from the precious metals produced by the mine, but there had been no contact from Fort Fremont for a worryingly long time. Lady Lavesk, representing the Glissian government, was to go there and investigate. Sentinel accompanied her, of course, along with four hired mercenaries, of which Grumpf and Ming Mah were two.

While traveling to Fort Fremont, Lady Lavesk’s party was assaulted by a bizarre effect that caused everyone to hallucinate, and to lose their senses of time and direction. The party was split, with Lady Lavesk and Sentinel losing each other and the mercenaries. It was in this state that Grumpf and Ming Mah had been captured by the Old Vespertonians, along with the other two mercenaries. Those unlucky two had been sacrificed by the plagued villagers before the Vesperton party arrived. Meanwhile, the loyal Sentinel had been searching for Lady Lavesk ever since.

Determining that Lady Lavesk was injured physically and unstable mentally, Sentinel decided that she must be returned to Regenesis for treatment. However, he warned that the Vespertonians would likely be imprisoned if they went there, as the Glissians did not want the Kenasians aware of their presence until they were properly prepared militarily for the conflict that would undoubtedly follow. Auggie, Grumpf, Madison and Ming Mah decided to continue on to Fort Fremont, still lured by the wealth that might be unguarded there.

So the party followed the road to Fort Fremont. Upon breaking from the jungle into a meadow, the party was again attacked by a reality-warping phenomenon, as well as a powerful Fell Taint Pulsar. The party managed to defeat the creature, but the effects remained. They wandered as best they could reckon toward Fort Fremont, and after some indeterminate period of time, they came to a bizarre fortress.

The party found the inside of the place filled with a dense fog. The center of the structure was a pool of foul water and mud, into which more foul water and mud was slopping from two overhangs from the second floor. On the other side of the pool was a statue of a humanoid seated on a throne, the head hollow and scalp missing, with a beam of light streaming down to that empty head from a hole in the structure’s ceiling. Along the base of the statue was engraved a statement that each person saw in their native language: “WHAT IS BROKEN AND CLOUDED MUST BE WHOLE AND CLEAR TO BREAK THE CLOUD.” Two stairways went up to a second floor.

The second floor featured five alcoves, each with a door, and each hung with a plaque with an engraved statement, again read in each viewer’s native language. Two of the doors also had those streams of rancid water flowing from under them.

The five plaques read as follows, with the last two hung on the doors from which the streams flowed:






The party decided to open “THE MIND’S EYE” door, and was immediately confronted by two mirrors, standing at angles to face each other and create a dead end. A little testing proved that the mirrors were not solid, and the party stepped through one of them.

On the other side of the mirror was a room made entirely of mirrors, including four mirrored pillars. This room also contained three kenku, who began to attack. It became clear that the mirrors on the pillars were portals to another, similar room, containing three more kenku. The enemies were defeated, and vanished when vanquished. One of them left behind what appeared to be a piece of a crystal brain, covered with a dust that could not be brushed off.



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