Shadows of Vesperton

June 30, 2009

After defeating the apparent last of the plagued villagers of Old Vesperton (and claiming the shaman leader’s magical totem), the party found the area where those tortured souls had been living. There, they also found two captives, Grumpf and Ming Mah. These two were not very communicative, but did offer that they had been venturing with a woman from somewhere called Regenesis to a Fort Fremont. Auggie was certain he would know of such places if they existed either in the old world or in the new Kenasian colony, yet had no memory of those names. It was further pried from the captives that gold and dwarves were likely to be found at Fort Fremont. The promise of gold was enough to get the band’s attention.

The group made camp, and the morning found Speegle’s Filth Fever growing worse. Sivella decided to take Speegle back to Vesperton, while Auggie, Grumpf, Madison and Ming Mah continued on toward Fort Fremont.

Traveling northeast from Old Vesperton, the party eventually encountered a half-naked and apparently wounded woman at the bottom of a bushy ravine, who Grumpf and Ming Mah recognized as the woman they had been traveling with originally. Ming Mah hurried down to her, but found himself intercepted and attacked by bloodthorn vines. The woman was not as wounded as she first appeared, and rose to begin somehow commanding the vines against the party. Though Ming Mah was knocked out for a spell, the party eventually prevailed, and managed to take the woman captive, alive but unconscious. Ming Mah then began tracking to retrace her footsteps, which led north.



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