Shadows of Vesperton

May 19, 2009

After besting the barbarians, the party continued their exploration of the overgrown ruins of Old Vesperton. Their next find was the settlement’s temple of Erathis, which was now inhabited by stirges. Rather than going into the stirges’ lair, the party threw spells and evocations through broken windows, flushing the stirges out into the open where they could be destroyed on the party’s own terms.

Still relatively uninjured, the party pressed on into the evening. They found a still-standing house, which contained two fire beetles and a stormclaw scorpion. A section of the building’s floor was too weak to support weight, but Madison was able to discern this and warn the party. The creatures were dispatched without much difficulty, the scorpion falling through the weakened floor to its death as it attempted to flee.

And still the party continued on, able to overcome a pair of plagued men and their hyenas, though Speegle was nearly killed in the battle and one hyena escaped. A bit of healing restored Speegle, however, and the party again opted against resting. Among the loot from the battle were a +1 Cloak of Resistance and a healing potion.

The party could hear something involving many people happening in the northwest part of Old Vesperton, but no path existed to the area. The party decided to blaze through the overgrowth, and encountered a large clearing with a group of plagued humans cheering into a pit, overseen by someone who appeared to be a plagued shaman. Auggie was spotted by the shaman, and the rabble made an ill-advised run toward the party. Of course the rabble met with disaster, as the party unleashed their effects to decimate the foes.

Invisible, Auggie made for the shaman, encountering a little resistance from his crocodile spirit along the way but able to slip past. From here, it was apparent that there was a vicejaw crocodile in the pit, eating the remains of a human. The rest of the party followed once the rabble was destroyed. Though the shaman attempted to leverage magical winds to knock Auggie into the crocodile pit, Auggie was able to avoid this, and the party’s combined powers (and a timely lash of Auggie’s whip) killed the fleeing shaman.



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