Shadows of Vesperton

May 5, 2009

Each of the PCs received an anonymous letter, delivered by Quick Joe, inviting them to meet at the Bloodkeeper Inn the following night to hear a business opportunity.

When the party arrived at the prescribed room, they found only Quick Joe, who said that he was tasked by the same party to give them a package and leave.

The package contained a letter telling the PCs about Old Vesperton and informing them that its wealth had been left behind when it was abandoned. The package also contained an uncredited log of the events surrounding Old Vesperton’s abandonment, and Rudrick Calder’s study of the Bleeding Hate.

The party tried to hire a boat to take them north to the area Old Vesperton was supposed to lie, but were informed that Vesperton’s government did not issue permits for ships to go on private exploration voyages. The party then set out on foot.

The party found the magically overgrown area where Old Vesperton used to be, and began exploring. They found some coin amongst overgrown wreckage, but their first major find was a clearing that contained Old Vesperton’s inn.

The inn was in bad shape, with a dead tree leaning on its broken upper floor, but they explored inside anyway. There, they battled and overcame two swarms of rats and two dire rats, and triggered the safe collapse of the ceiling. Among the riches recovered from the inn, they found +1 Shimmering Cloth, which was taken by Speegle. During the battle, however, Madison and Speegle contracted Filth Fever.

After a bit more exploration, the party found another clearing that contained only the few standing sections of wall that remained of a destroyed building. Here, they were attacked by four plagued human barbarians, but these were quickly dispatched. The barbarians had apparently been searching for treasures of Old Vesperton, as they had with them a sack of gold.



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