Bleeding Hate

The Bleeding Hate is the name given to the plague which overran Old Vesperton. It was named for the sores which appear on the victim’s body, and for the irrational, violent hatred victims display toward anyone who appears significantly different from themselves.

When originally chronicled by the apothecary Rudrick Calder (see below), it was recorded that the Bleeding Hate resulted in death within a week. However, after Old Vesperton was abandoned, it was discovered that its plague-ridden population had continued to survive long past that time. Plagued citizens still inhabited Old Vesperton even a year later, until being dispatched by Auggie, Madison, Sivella and Speegle.

The chronicle of the disease written by Rudrick Calder was produced in Midsummer, 31st of Vesperreign, and reads as follows:

“The initial stage of the illness sees the victim suffer from the sudden appearance of painful sores all over the body. Within a day, the skin has become dry and sickly grey, and dead layers flake and peel easily away, particularly during the pained throes of the victim. No victim has yet had any sleep once afflicted, though whether this is a symptom of the disease or merely due to pain is unclear.

On the second day, the irises begin to take on a yellow colour, and the whites of the eyes become terribly bloodshot. All of the victim’s body hair has also grown weak, and falls out at the slightest disturbance.

At this point, the victim begins to speak in a new language, one which no one in Vesperton has yet been able to identify. It seems at first to be incoherent raving, but victims seem to be able to understand each other.

Most troubling, the victim becomes exceedingly violent toward anyone who seems significantly different from himself. Most afflicted humans do not attack one another unless there is an obvious difference in size, though males and females must be kept separated. Eladrin, elves and half-elves are also generally safe around humans of the same gender, though attacks frequently occur, and isolation of these races is also recommended. Dwarves and Halflings must be kept separate from other races, and again, separated by gender. Vesperton contains no other races at this time, but it is assumed that the disease would affect them the same way. Some here speculate that it might affect devas, dragonborn and/or tieflings differently, but of this we have no evidence.

After a period of approximately one week, the victim dies quite suddenly. Autopsies reveal damage to the internal organs, though it is not known at which stage in the disease’s progression this occurs. This has been ruled the cause of death.

It is unknown how the disease was first contracted. Water sources have been found to be safe, and no indigenous plants or animals have been found to cause it. However, the disease is quite contagious, and quarantine of new victims must be implemented as soon as possible.

No treatments have been found which help even partially. At this time, contraction of the Bleeding Hate is essentially a death sentence.”

Bleeding Hate

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