Daruddelve is an underground dwarven city dug into the Darud Mountains east of Regenesis. A part of Glissia, it serves as a home for Glissian dwarves more comfortable underground than in an urban setting, as well as individuals and families of other races who fancy the work and lifestyle offered there.

In addition to being a more natural home for dwarves and the capital of the province (see below), Daruddelve’s secondary function is as the mine which provides the metals for Glissia’s smithing and minting needs. Following the fall of Fort Fremont, Daruddelve also became the primary location for the smelting of ore and minting of Glissian coins.

Politically, Daruddelve is considered one of Glissia’s provinces. This province formerly included Fort Fremont and the above-ground areas between Daruddelve and the fort, but the above-ground region was absorbed into the province of Firststand after Fort Fremont fell.

As a part of Glissia, Daruddelve’s head of state is King Flak. The day-to-day running of the city and province is done by Governor Fordrik; since the province consists solely of the city, Daruddelve has no need for a strictly municipal governor.


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