Glissia is a new nation on the western side of Keql Hoppa, imagined as a haven for Kenasians disenfranchised with life in that nation and its government. It was founded by the Kenasian nobleman Hollister Flak, who financed the initial voyage to Keql Hoppa and currently sits as Glissia’s king. The capital of Glissia is Regenesis.

Glissia’s borders are still uncertain, but its government has unilaterally defined its southern border with Kenasia’s Keql Hoppan colony as a line just north of Old Vesperton, extending from the coast to the Darud Mountains. The country currently consists of two provinces, Firststand and Daruddelve, as well as an unsettled territory on the eastern side of the Darud Mountains known as Eastmarch.

Glissia’s government is a monarchy, but King Flak imagined the nation having a king who is much more in touch with his subjects than Kenasia’s monarchy, relying heavily on council from a variety of sources within the citizenry. King Flak also intends for a new monarch to be chosen by a council of advisers rather than inheritance, placing the skills necessary to lead a nation before bloodlines.

Though Glissians wish to live peacefully, they know that Kenasia has a colony on Keql Hoppa mere days to the south. The government has been increasing expansion and settlement recently to solidify their claim to their slice of Keql Hoppa and thus deter any Kenasian ideas of conflict, instead hoping to establish peaceful diplomatic relations with their neighbors. However, there is some degree of expectation in Glissia that the Kenasians will not be willing to share the new continent, particularly with Kenasian defectors, and so Glissia is also forced to prepare for a possible war.


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