King Flak

Hollister Flak is the founder and self-appointed king of Glissia. Formerly a Kenasian nobleman, he saw flaws in that nation’s governmental system and philosophy, and so used his own fortune to finance a voyage to Keql Hoppa to build a new nation.

Having witnessed firsthand King Vesper’s style of ruling, King Flak designed Glissia’s government around the belief that more was required to rule a nation than family history. Thus, though Flak named himself its first king, he believes that each new monarch must be appointed by peers who believe him or her to be capable of the responsibility.

As for his own monarchy, King Flak believes that staying in touch with and accessible to Glissia’s citizens is crucial. He maintains a simple home rather than an opulent palace, could be found just as easily in a local pub as Regenesis’s city hall, and refuses to use the term subjects to refer to the citizenry. This has made him an extremely popular figure in Glissia.

Until recently, King Flak handled municipal and provincial matters in both the city and province of Regenesis. He relinquished both after that fall of Fort Fremont, when news of Glissia’s proximity to Vesperton surfaced. He and his council quickly appointed new provincial and municipal leaders – Governor Selkirk and Mayor Farrell – so that he could focus on national matters, such as expanding Glissia and solidifying its place on the continent in preparation for a possible confrontation with the Kenasians.

King Flak

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