Old Vesperton

Old Vesperton is the name given to Kenasia’s original settlement on Keql Hoppa by those who know of its existence. It lies approximately 60 miles north of Vesperton.

Old Vesperton was founded in Lastautumn, 31st of Vesperreign, but only lasted until spring. A mysterious plague called the Bleeding Hate began to sweep through the settlement, causing its local government and the government in Kenasia to decide to abandon it. Only those in direct contact with Kenasia’s government left the place to create a new Vesperton, in secret, leaving the rest to succumb to the plague.

Though it was expected that the Bleeding Hate would eradicate the remaining population of Old Vesperton, and though the plague did completely overrun it, the plagued settlers did not die as previously infected victims had. A ritual was created to bind the infected lands from the rest of the world, but it appeared to fail. Instead, an overgrowing ritual was used to devastate the settlement, though this ritual had to be cast twice before it would hold.

The existence of the Bleeding Hate and the two Vespertons was never revealed to the people of Kenasia, with the deaths instead being blamed on nautical disaster. It is the official position of the Kenasian government that there has only ever been one settlement of Vesperton. Today, private exploration (particularly northward) is prohibited by the government of Vesperton. Officially, work is supposed to be underway in developing a way to deal with Old Vesperton more permanently, but this work has been put off in favor of the continuing development of the new Vesperton.

Old Vesperton

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