Vesperton is Kenasia’s “first” settlement on Keql Hoppa, named after King Vesper and planned to be the capital of Kenasia’s colony on the new continent. It lies directly on the west coast of Keql Hoppa.

Unknown to the general populace, Vesperton is actually Kenasia’s second attempt at settlement in Keql Hoppa. The first, the existence of which is kept secret, is referred to as Old Vesperton.

The official history has Vesperton founded by Kenasian settlers in Lastautumn, 31st of Vesperreign. In actuality, the current Vesperton was created in Midspring, 31st of Vesperreign, after Old Vesperton was abandoned. Expansion of the settlement has continued for just over a year since then, with no one outside a select few in the government knowing of the town’s true history.

The head of Vesperton’s municipal government is Mayor Desley, though the town is also home to the colony’s governor, General Augur, who has the authority to overrule the mayor.

Places of interest in Vesperton


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